Monday, April 28, 2014

Warsaw to Berlin

Kids were spoiled today with a big sleep in. We did not leave the hotel until 10. Not sure how much extra sleep was achieved but it has been a change to not be running around at high speed and waking up really early. 

Our first stop this morning was the Warsaw Uprising Museum. This was a very well set up and interesting museum. It started with a overhead 3D movie of Warsaw after the war. Very well done to show the devastation of the city. 

We had a couple of hours to explore the museum. It contained a timeline of the occupation and uprising. Many weapons, stories and learning environments. By speaking with our group they seemed to believe that this museum was a great experience. 

            Outside the 3D movie

Afterward we had a little time to explore for lunch. Our group was really looking forward to a baked perogie lunch but the place recommended by Ele moved. Instead we found one on our own. It ended up being a great choice - great environment, multitude of perogy choices and a full belly at the end. In the end I discovered that our group can put away a lot of perogies - well done!!!!

We observed an odd person acting oddly with passer-bys and found out they were similar to Just For Laughs (ForFunTV). The group wanted to meet them.  They were told they will be on Polish TV. 

                Our new friend Ele

Next we had an afternoon ticket on a train from Warsaw to Berlin. 

The train ride was much better than the bus ride. However we arrived at about 11 PM Berlin time so the rush to charge phones and get some shut eye is was a race. Our hotel is on the Eastern side of the Berlin wall and is right actions the street from our hotel. The kids can't wait to see it - right Deena???

Tomorrow the jam packed tour of Berlin. 

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