Monday, April 21, 2014

Salzburg / Berchtesgaden Part 2

Sorry I had a bit of a wifi glitch - to continue ... 
Some of us had bratwurst, hot dogs, snitzel and pommes. 

After lunch we left for Berchtesgaden or the Eagles Nest. We learned that even though it is the most popular version of where Hitler lived he only spent maybe 14 weeks in total there since his 50th birthday as it was his present. Expensive gift - guess you have to be a dictator to receive a palace on top of a hill, go figure.  His actual house further down the mountain was bombed and destroyed during and after the war.  
The Eagles Nest was actually closed because it only opens during the summer because of dangerous terrain. We did see it from afar but did see the tunnels/barracks that were created under the mountain. These were awesome to see and learn about. The mountain ride up was amazing - winding turns and steep drops. Perfectly safe place for a dictator to hide!!  Guess he should not have went to Berlin!

You can see it in the distance. It is a 3km hike to get to the top. 

                    Elevator Shaft

Tomorrow we head to Prague with a stop in Nuremburg to see the site of many Nazi rallies and the war crimes trials. Might be a long bus ride.  Which reminds me that THE SLEEPING CHRONICLES CONTINUE!!

Oh they are not going to like these!!!

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