Thursday, April 24, 2014

Prague to Krakow

Today we had a long journey from Czech Republic to Poland. We left at 8:30, stopped for lunch, a couple of pit stops and we arrived at 6:30 in Krakow for supper.

Our lunch was in a restaurant designed to be like a castle. Cool environment and a nice break from sitting on the bus. 

Our supper was exciting - at least to the Canadians. We were told we were having perogies!!  We were totally looking forward to it. Our starter was a borscht type soup and then they came with a variety of perogies. Our group loved them while some of the American group were uncertain and did not like them. One thing that Lukas mentioned was that it felt as if he were eating at home. Mrs. Mcconechy must be a good cook!!!

At the hotel Sarah and Sue met some family that live in Krakow. I think they have plans to meet up tomorrow and see their house. 

Tomorrow will be a heavy day. Our morning includes a tour of Krakow - including seeing Oskar Schindler's factory. After lunch we are scheduled to be at Auschwitz. We had a group meeting to talk about what to expect and how to prepare, but will still be a difficult journey - this is the reason we travelled to this place and it is finally here. 

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  1. I agree it will be a difficult journey, hope that all will be open to whatever happens. Think that your group are all brave courageous souls