Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Safe Arrival Home

A little turbulent start to our journey home today. Nice gradual startin the morning but on the flight home there was a few rough parts. A little more than I am used to, but held it together. We are currently waiting to board our plane in Vancouver at 6:50 BC time. It is almost like the "dangling carrot" analogy. We are so close to home but cannot get there. We are all looking forward to seeing everyone and telling stories of our journey. See you soon. This will be a final sign off for this adventure. Cheers and thanks for everyone's support in helping these students "experience the human side of history". 

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  1. Welcome home students! I am an EA in Virden Manitoba. The class i am assigned too (Miss Woods Grade 6) have been reading "Boy in the striped Pajamas" and "I am David" which are during the era of Hitler and the concentration camps. Your trip has been very interesting! (Also i need to mention Mr. Thunderchild is my older brother and I wanted to make sure he was ok :) haha) But it looks like you had a fabulous trip. Im sure the pictures don't justify the horrific historic events that they experienced at that time. I am glad you are all home safe and sound.
    Ms. L. Thunderchild