Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Nurnberg (Nuremberg)

Today we left Munich for Prague, Czech Republic. Again the weather was cool to start but still beautiful - another +20 degree day. 

On the way to the Czech Republic we stopped in Nuremberg to see some important historic sites. Our first stop was the Nuremberg Documentation Centre. This is located beside the unfinished Congress Hall which was to be the "largest hall in the world" - somewhat modelled after the Colosseum in Rome but much grander (twice as big). Construction was abandoned during WWII.

Before actually entering the Centre our guide Ele took us to the Zeppelin Field which was designed to host many of the rallies held by the Nazis in the 1930's. They were impressive on film and in person the Grandstand was impressive. The group had the chance to stand on the very podium that Adolf Hitler would have stood before the war giving his speeches to 100,000 uniformed men and 80,000 spectators. The Swastika on top of the Grandstand was blown up by the Americans when they liberated them from Nazi rule. 

We then had the opportunity to walk through, at our own pace, the Documentation Center. The materials, films, and displays were very informative and well done. This building was designed to educate and give Nuremberg a better reputation than they had as a Nazi stronghold. 

For the remainder of the day we spent in Old Nuremberg. The group had the chance to explore, shop and have lunch. 

A ring on this gate if turned will give you eternal youth and lasting love. Atta boy Reid!  Actually everybody tried it. Most of the adults turned it several times hoping to turn back the aging clock!

Our last stop in Nuremberg was at the site of the War Crimes Trials held after the war. The international group of lawyers tried many Nazi War Criminals. Today it is used as a hall of Justice and has an area marked off where those trials took place. We needed to get to Prague so we did not have time to explore. We expect to arrive in Prague later tonight. 

Still there is fun in the trip and our new Boston friends are becoming honorary Canadians. Even got their group leader to say "eh" a few times. Obviously in sarcasm but still. 

First stop in Czech Republic was for a break and some exchanged their Euros for Kruns. 

Different type of snacks!!!

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  1. Thanks for sharing.One day i wish to visit this historic site. Awesome pics!