Friday, April 18, 2014

Vancouver Appetizer

We started our journey in Vancouver today. We had a city tour planned for us and an EF guide was there to show us the sites. As we entered the bus it was exactly like the classroom as the adults were at the front of the bus and the students migrated to the back of the bus!! #teacherproblems

We started at the Laughing Statues near English Bay. Took some fun pictures and touched the Pacific waters. I think Lukas was ready to go for a dip but a little too cold for the rest of us. 

Afterward we saw the Olympic Flame, Stanley Park and ended with Granvile Market for lunch. It was a nice sunny day in Vancouver and made us all very happy as we looked at news of snow back home - sorry everyone. 
Currently waiting for our flight to Munich in Vancouver Airport. Cheers. New post in Munich. 

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