Sunday, March 9, 2014

Departing in 40 days

Guten Abend,

Our next meeting is on Tuesday and we will be going through some last bit of important information.  Among them you will be receiving a book "If, By Miracle" about a 10 year old boy that escapes the Nazi death squads.  He later becomes the youngest member of a partisna resistance group in the Belorussian forest.  Below is a link to the Twitter book club for this book.  I will give you instructions on how to paricipate in this club.

Also, please find time to watch the attached a short film of the memoir of Felix Opatowski.

"I was stubborn.  I didn't want to stay in Auschwitz.  I didn't want to go to the gas chambers.  I didn't want to be cremated.  I didn't want to die there, and I kept pushing back."

Guten Tag

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