Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Departing in 65 Days

Our journey is coming closer - 65 DAYS TO BE EXACT.  Remember to hand in all your travel forms to you Ms. Schenk or Mr. Klassen.  The sooner these forms are in the better. 
We have received some positive publicity and the response from the public has been very supportive.  If you have not read the article I have attached the link:
In preparation for our journey there is a website (IWitness) that is free to register and contains first person accounts of experiences during the Holocaust.  Please feel free to browse this site. 

Also at our next group meeting we will have a guest speaker share with us his experience at Auschwitz and speak about a Twitter Book Club we can participate in which we will receive free resources.
In addition, I have received some interesting media from NFB to educate about the Holocaust if you are interested.  I found the "Basketball Game" an interesting quick watch.

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